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Welcome to the yewlith Mind Palace.

Front Desk

The conglomerate before you, referred to as "yewlith" and "Zagreus", among others.

Within this assemblage, creative veins of varying sizes, colors, origins.

A vessel for the universe to form its mycelium networks, piercing the ground, reaching to the heavens.

Blood flows onto paper, ink creates shapes of wonder, intrigue, familiarity.

A solitary existence full of companionship. An inhuman soul dressed in human connections. A heavy silence composed of lilting cadence.

The aggregate before you, one of discord, of strife, of disagreements.

Amongst the chaos, there is order. After tumult, comes reconciliation. From dichotomy, arises harmony.

The Palace welcomes you.

The Palace welcomes you.

The Palace welcomes you.

The Mind Palace contains content that may be disturbing to some guests.

By proceeding you acknowledge this and consent to seeing such content that may depict things such as:




Sexual content

Heavy/uncomfortable themes

Fast Facts


non-gendered & non-human ➸ it/its + she/her pronouns preferred

based in the Pacific Northwest

Corkboard (to-do's):

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2.20.2023 : changed sidebar and fav icons; small changes to wording across side; added buttons for neocities links; added fast facts

11.06.2022 : updated background, color scheme

11.03.2022 : new library entry; small changes to dwellings page; almost added gallery but instead looked at it and went auugghgghfdjhj -quote from creature in agony

10.31.2022 : new library entry; added landing content disclaimer

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10.27.2022 : new library entry; changed header, improved layout, articles; fixed css problem in firefox; added denizens, links, changelog, background, journal, gifs; removed one of the neco arcs

10.26.2022 : basic layout; added sidebar, neco arcs; cried because css wouldn't work in firefox

10.25.2022 : site creation; added header, placeholder text

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