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here, the yewlith system contains multitudes

you could never hope to comprehend

right up these stairs


.jsc —

color: vivid white ➤ This denizen provided itself for the foundation of the Palace. Translucent, lithe, yielding. This one does not seem to provide much; coninue forward.

.prs —

color: olive green ➤ Primary Palace overseer. Generator of morale and spores in equal measure, this denizen prides itself in its ability to keep the Palace running smoothly. As a First Floor denizen, it is well-acquainted with the Front Desk, well-liked by the other denizens, and is responsible for the majority of public relations between the Palace and the outside world. Warm welcomes, and we hope you're alright with some mold in the corners.

.azu —

color: amethyst purple ➤ Secondary overseer. Guardian of the Palace, this denizen does not deem any outsider worthy. With the assistance of .jsc and .prs, however, certain guests are allowed entry. Tread lightly. The hunger consumes all...


.fye —

color: carmine red ➤ This system does not want visitors. This Palace is crumbling before us. This Palace is not Real. He is not Real. We are not Real. All is that of ash and dust.

This Palace is, indeed, not crumbling, as the denizens regularly remind .fye; he does not listen. However, as the carrier of internal strife and purger of emotional distress, can one really blame his ire? While his animosity towards the Palace and its denizens alike is, at times... tedious, the importance of it cannot be underestimated.

.kdi —

color: cerulean blue ➤ Daring in her eyes and glitter in her steps; careful, lest she eat you whole. This denizen raises a single eyebrow as they drink their coffee, puts their feet up on the table, goes back to scrolling, scrolling, scrolling; what could she possibly be so engrossed by?

.fnd —

color: champagne yellow ➤ Refinement. Style. Elegance. The impassive air of this denizen is stifling and awe-inducing, hiding disquiet and unease just underneath her polished surface.

Sweet mother, I cannot weave/slender Aphrodite has overcome me/with longing for a girl.

.emr —

color: midnight indigo ➤ Fastidious and composed, serious but amiable, this denizen keeps our Palace orderly. Dim the lights, for this denizen encourages the denizens to shh, relax, and stay out of their way while they carry out their work.

.jst —

color: caramel brown ➤ This denizen is one of the Eighth Arcana; slick, sly, confident, and provides a sharp masculine edge to the Palace. Pursuer of pleasure, style, and 70s-80s classic rock, as well as one of the primary providers of social abilities.


.hdi —

color: tangerine orange ➤ Palace mother; eldest of the denizens, carer and mediator. This denizen is fiercely protective of her loved ones, and devotes the bulk of her time and energy scaring for .chi and .gia. She is also known to take the Front Desk when the situation calls for it; none are immune to her warmth and gentle touch.

.chi —

color: rose pink ➤ Youngest of the Palace; this denizen was prior known to make regular appearances. In recent years, however, her forward services have been decreased significantly, and only steps forward on very rare occasions. Immature, suggestible, unable to handle even minute tasks of adult life; one may question what purpose this denizen could serve in this particular Palace—the question itself betrays the woeful ignorance of the asker.


.████ —

color: █████ ➤ not even the other deni̷z̶e̶n̴s̴ ̵a̵r̵e̶ ̸a̴l̴l̷o̸w̶e̷d̷ ̸o̷n̸ ̴t̵h̵e̴ ̶f̴̡̾ò̵ͅu̵̡͝r̶̲̋t̸͇͗h̷̠̓f̴̬̝͉̍̕͝ļ̴̥͔̹͚͍̼̗̰̋̔̒̊͆̒̽ͅo̵̖̪͑̿͑̉̐o̸̱̤͛̓̄̀̽͆̀̕̚͘͝͠ŗ̸̡̙̲͔̱͍͚̜͙̍̽̈̒̊̾͝ͅ███