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here, the yewlith system contains multitudes

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welcome to the catacombs

hey welcome this is like the main denizens page but with actual info instead of just weird esoteric shit. have fun reading, i'm gonna go get a coffee and a stroopwafel


Jessica.jsc —

23 | no thanks (any) | male-leaning bisexual

"host" "core" whatever idk this is like the "main" guy. when talking to us it's a safe bet to just call us jessica/jess/jj. currently the one writing this. thanks for coming and reading about all my little guys <3

Primrose.prs —

23 | nonhuman (it/its) | bisexual

usually goes by "prose," one of my main guys that runs the palce. the one reponsible for my obsessions with green and mold and weird shit. also likes to be referred to directly when it's fronting but definitely still fine with being referred to by our "main" names/pronouns. generally listens to noisy weird electronic music (glitchbreak/breakcore/noise/deconstructed club.) has its own blog @goospit on tumblr.

Azu.azu —

23 | ""female"" (she/any) | grey-bi/varies/idk man

other guy that runs the place, sort of the "opposite" of prose, much more curt, cautious, doesn't love people poking around the palace. my mom doesn't like her bc azu is mean to her lol. doesn't like to be referred to directly, but she's more "covert" anyway so you probably won't notice her.


Faye.fye —

16 | male (he/him) | female-leaning bisexual

this guy is a little shit lmao. if i tweet some mean shit it's probably him; don't be afraid to call him out and be like "hey fuck you." his fursona is a raven, he is very edgy, and listens to like only nu metal and power metal. definitely the most emotional and destructive of the palace, and also might post some... worrying... things, but don't worry we've learned how to keep him in check. also most likely will not reach out to you or respond to messages, usually puts our phone/socials on silent, but if he does literally don't listen to him lol. was a girl but transitioned a few years back and just kept his name because we both liked it.

Kodie.kdi —

20 | female (intersex) (she/they) | bisexual

i still don't know how someone in my head is intersex when i'm not but idk that's what she told me so i'm going with it. generi-tiktok starbucks cold brew kind of girl but we don't hold that against her. so down bad for ashnikko it's not even funny. also the only one here that has any kind of spirituality? thanks for filling our youtube recommended with reiki healing and mindful breathing, girl.

Fernanda.fnd —

19 | female (she/her) | sapphic

literally the only reason that we get anything done; also the only lesbian here in the palace. really good sense of style, really into like studying aesthetics and cleaning and high fashion and stuff like that. her and kodie are quite close and run a blog together @yorule on tumblr. one of the best at handling leaving the house but somehow also one of the most anxious ones? kind of a man-hater whoops lol.

Embers.emr —

23 | meh (they/them) | meh

this guy is chillll but usually acts more of a palace "custodian" more than anything; most of the time they come downstairs to clean up after a mess left by like faye or azu, maybe chi when she shows up on rare occasions. they're quite kind but also not super sociable; probably won't reach out to you but still happy to have a conversation. likes old man music, particularly steely dan (will just listen to aja (1977) on repeat for hours.)

Justice.jst —

23 | male (he/him) | bisexual

nobody @ me this bitch is obsessed with rush (the band) and goro akechi. good sense of style though and one of the most sociable/personable of us. my mom likes this one a lot lol. kind of dramatic and also where prose is weird just because it Is That Way, this guy likes being weird because he thinks it's funny.


Heidi.hdi —

32 | female (she/her) | male-leaning bisexual

palace mommy! mostly just takes care of the other denizens but will front if she needs to—and by "if she needs to" i mean "just whenever she feels like it" honestly not really any rhyme or reason. super kind, gentle; palace as a whole is generally quite patient but her especially so. also the only one here that's specifically older than the body.

Chisato.chi —

5 | female (she/her)

she's just baby, your honor... usually just "chi" for short. used to front a lot, now doesn't show up much at all, really only when things get real fucky out there. still has a pretty good grasp on "acting" adult and doing some adult things but definitely not great at it lol. doesn't really reach out to people unless she knows they'll be kind and understanding about her existence.


there is no fourth floor i just wanted to be cool and use glitch text somewhere lol